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Welcome to the Wisconsin College Personnel Association (WCPA). WCPA has been around for nearly 50 years supporting professionals and graduate students in higher education grow professionally.

WCPA welcomes individuals from all types of institutions and career fields related to higher education. WCPA affirms and supports the unique identities in our community by striving for inclusive excellence.

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  • College Rankings Might as Well be Student Rankings
    Since U.S. News & World Report’s "Best Colleges" first appeared in 1983, numerous other rankings, such as Forbes and The Wall Street Journal, have emerged. They lead parents and students to believe one college is better than another. But a closer look reveals that college rankings may be measuring something… Read more »
  • Games Colleges Play in Presidential Searches
    Throughout the summer, and now as it comes to an end, I've wondered: Is this our new preoccupation in higher education? In my dream, the aim of ... Read more »
  • Russian Scientists Instructed to Report on Foreign Colleagues
    New recommendations from Russia's Ministry of Science and Higher Education instruct scientists to seek advance permission to meet with foreign ... Read more »
  • Virginia Tech outpaces George Mason in plans for Amazon's HQ2
    Virginia Tech and George Mason University both pledged to significantly expand their computer science programs following Amazon’s announcement last year that it would build a second headquarters in Arlington, Va. The institutions planned not only to produce thousands more computer science graduates to fill Amazon’s need for highly skilled employees,… Read more »
  • Students with some college and no credential still benefit in the labor market
    Much of the attention around rising college costs and loan debt has focused on students who never earn a credential, with conventional wisdom holding that they wasted time and money in the process. But a new study found that attending college typically isn’t a waste of time, even for students… Read more »
  • Trump administration to grant disabled veterans automatic loan forgiveness
    President Trump said in Louisville, Ky., Wednesday that he would wipe out “every penny” of student loan debt held by disabled veterans. At an event organized by the veterans group AMVETS, Trump signed a memorandum directing the Education Department to automatically discharge federal student loans held by veterans who qualify… Read more »
  • Two MIT researchers resign from the Media Lab over its ties to Jeffrey Epstein
    Accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, who died in federal custody this month, allegedly took a predatory interest in teenage girls. But his involvement with thought leaders -- and academics, in particular -- was apparently more symbiotic: Epstein got to feed his ego and maybe even launder his character by chatting up great… Read more »
  • Author talks free speech on college campuses in new book
    College campuses have grappled with extraordinary free speech challenges in the last several years. Students have shouted down speakers whose views they disagree with or find offensive, and outsiders have demanded the students be punished. White supremacists have increased their presence on campuses both to speak and to spread their… Read more »
  • Should presidential searches be open or closed? (opinion)
    Competition among the viewpoints of various observers, writes John Thelin, ultimately centers on a crucial question: Should academic searches be closed or open? Read more »
  • Google Adds Community Colleges to College Search
    Google Adds Community Colleges to College Search ... students compare information about colleges across all sectors of higher education. "Google's ... Read more »


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