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1. Who is eligible to be part of WCPA?

Any student affairs or higher education professional or graduate student in the state of Wisconsin is eligible for membership in WCPA


2. Do I have to work at a UW System school?

No. WCPA is an organization for all student affairs and higher education professionals or graduate students who work in the state, regardless of the type of campus on which or functional area in which they work.


3. What does it cost to be a WCPA member?

Membership in WCPA is free. In order to become a member, individuals just need to visit the “Membership Info” page under the “Membership Services” tab on the WCPA website.


4. What opportunities are available to get involved with WCPA?

WCPA provides three levels of involvement in our organization.

1. General Member – You receive periodic updates and are invited to attend our Fall Conference and Spring PDI and other professional development opportunities but nothing is required.

2. Exec Board Member – Members hold an elected or appointed office on the executive board and are asked to participate with event planning, strategic directions, and perform their specific job duties. Exec board members are asked to attend 4 board meetings and the fall conference and spring PDI.


5. What is the time commitment?

1. General Member – At your own pace. Be as involved in our organization as you want.

2. Exec Board Member – You are asked to attend:

  • Fall Conference
  • Spring PDI
  • Summer Retreat (1 ½ day meetings)
  • 3 other meetings (Wednesday before Fall Conference, Thursday before PDI, and a winter meeting)
  • The monthly time commitment varies based on the exec board position and time of year, but averages 2 – 5 hrs / month.


6. What is WCPA’s affiliation with ACPA?

WCPA represents ACPA on state and local level. ACPA provides opportunities on a national level to be involved in a professional higher education association. WCPA receives guidance and driector from ACPA but currently operates as an independent 501c3.


7. Do I have to be an ACPA member?

There are a few executive board positions (President-Elect, President, and Treasurer) in which one is also required to be a member of ACPA, but otherwise ACPA membership is not required in order to be involved with WCPA.


Benefits of Getting Involved

There are numerous benefits to getting involved with WCPA. Among them include the ability to:

  • Network and connect with colleagues across the state on all different campuses
  • Understand how an executive board functions and operates
  • Be involved in planning and implementing major events
  • Develop budgeting skills
  • Give back to the student affairs profession
  • Enhance and practice presentation skills
  • Enhance communication skills
  • Personally reflect on what it means to be a student affairs professional
  • Participate in professional development opportunities
  • Travel the state and visit other campuses

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