This year WCPA will host our annual Student Affairs 101 virtually along side our virtual conference at no cost!

21st Annual Student Affairs 101 Sponsored by OPE 

Student Affairs 101 is a program for undergraduate students and professionals interested in pursuing a career in Student Affairs. Seasoned professionals in the Student Affairs field lead the entire conference and help guide conversations based on where each person is at in their Student Affairs journey.

Student Affairs registration information will be updated following the WCPA Spring Professional Development Institute and registration will open mid-July.

Registration Rates: All of our virtual sessions will be available at no cost!

Conference Registration

Fall Conference and Student Affairs 101 Registration:

Deadline to register: September 25th

Registration Rates: All of our virtual sessions will be available at no cost!

Program Proposals

Fall Conference and SA 101 Program Program Proposal form:

Deadline to submit proposals: September 25th

Program Topic Ideas

Awards and Scholarship Opportunities

WCPA offers a variety of different scholarships and awards to recognize outstanding students and professionals and to provide opportunities for its members throughout the state of Wisconsin.

Nominations for award will open mid summer for the the Fall 2020 Annual WCPA Conference. Award and Scholarship Form.


Check back soon to see our full schedule.

Conference Sponsorship

Interested in being a conference sponsor? Please contact Tonya Schmidt at

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