Want to present at a the WCPA annual conference but need some help choosing a topic? Please see our list of topics ideas:

Administration & Leadership

Running Search & Screens

Salary Negotiation

Community College/ Tech Schools as a career

BLMs and Pandemics

SSAO-If you could go back 90 days, what would you do differently?

Getting your finances in order

Recreation & Programming


Online student programming – successes and failures

Conduction & Community Standards

Restorative Justice

Free Speech

Law and lawyers in the conduct process

Diversity & inclusion in student conduct


Emotional Support Animals

Food Insecurity

Whiteness & White Fragility

Students from the foster care system

Hate/bias response teams

Fostering student activism


Residential Curriculum

Next Step: what is after GA, living off, so forth

Professional Growth

How to make change in the field of student affairs?

Ways to collaborate beyond your functional area?

How do you build a network?

How to make real change?

Entry level positions and Graduate student positions/what did your first post-undergrad experience look like

The Job Search Process & Applying For Jobs

What to Expect in Your First Year Working Full Time