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WCPA Bylaws

Dear WCPA Membership,

Over the course of the past months, the WCPA board and Transition Task Force have been working to help shore up loose ends and implement changes that resulted from our organization’s disaffiliation from ACPA.  Earlier this year, we asked for a vote on preliminary changes to our bylaws that removed any language referencing an affiliation and/or relationship with ACPA as a parent/partner organization.  Since the completion of that vote, and in line with what was previously communicated to membership, we have also worked to make additional updates to our bylaws that are outlined below that we feel bring the bylaws in-line with the direction the organization has been moving for quite some time.  A full copy of the proposed bylaws are available on our website at the following location: Bylaws.

Updates and Changes

  • Language Changes
    • Updated the mission statement
    • Added business days to where that terminology was missing
  • Communication Changes
    • Financial updates at all business meetings
  • Board of Directors Structure
    • Commissions were changed to ad hoc committees so that they can be appointed as needed
    • Ad Hoc committees and positions will be appointed by the Executive Board, not only by the President
  • Executive Board Structure
    • Tightened language to say “Immediate Past President” not just “Past President”
    • Added the role “Immediate Past President” to Executive Board so there could not be a tie in voting situations amongst the Executive Board

Additionally, we have determined as a board, and based on recommendations from the Transition Task Force, that the current system of Commissions Chairs a structure that was no longer productive and that another structure might better serve the need of the membership.  Below is a visual representation of what the structure of the Board of Directors will look like moving forward.

Board Structure

These ideas and decisions were made with careful considerations as to what would best serve our membership moving forward.  We want to be available, as an organization and leadership body, to be responsive to needs that arise in the institutions around our state and feel that this new structure will allow us to do so.

We are asking that you take some time to review the bylaws and above outlined changes and cast your vote as to whether they should be accepted at the following link:


Jason Bertrand-President
Christin Van Kauwenberg-President-Elect, Transition Task Force Member
Maggie Higgins-Secretary, Transition Task Force Member