Open Elected and Appointed WCPA Positions

WCPA is taking applications for both elected and appointed positions. Those are located below, along with a brief description of each position and duration of time required in the position. Nominations for each position are due October 23 and elections will begin shortly thereafter. Elections are open for four weeks after they begin. Those offered a position will be contacted by our President, Tonya Schmidt.

Candidate Profiles

We are currently voting on the following candidates for the Executive Board:

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Secretary election

Jodi Thesing-Ritter (Click to review resume)

I have 25 years of higher education experience. I am a strong communicator. I have demonstrated my commitment to WCPA by always attending the conference, bringing colleagues and students, presenting workshops and serving as a mentor. I have a demonstrated commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion and will bring that commitment and skills to the work of the board.

I would like to give back to this organization. It has given me a great deal in my career.

James Garvey (Click to review resume)

I believe that I possess strong communication and administrative skills, as well as teamwork and leadership skills. I am not afraid to step up and take the lead when necessary, but I also understand the importance of being at team player and supporting other roles. I also have strong time management skills, which will be an asset to this position, and the tasks that are required of it. I am proficient in:

Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft PowerPoint
Google Docs
Google Sheets
Google Forms
Google Hangout

I am interested in this position for many reasons. The first is that I currently hold the role, and I have enjoyed my time on the Executive board, supporting our board and WCPA members. Continuing in this position for another term would allow me to further my skills, continue to improve the annual awards processes, and grow the secretary position into one that is not just a note taker. Second, WCPA has been my professional development home for the last several years. I have grown a lot professionally by attending Fall Conferences and PDI sessions, as well as working closely with other Student Affairs professionals in the state of Wisconsin. Given my professional/career goals, I intend to stay working in the state, and the networking I have been able to do has allowed me to get to know many other professionals in WI. The secretary position is an excellent support role for other Executive Board positions and I have enjoyed the opportunity to be involved in the many different facets of the WCPA board. Personally, WCPA has been a catalyst in my growth, allowing me to gain more experience in administrative and communication skills. These skills have assisted me in applying for new positions, and have helped shape me into the student affairs professional that I am today. I have seen both myself and WCPA grow a lot in the last two years, and I want to be able to help continue to contribute to that growth and success.


Quincy Chapman  (Click to review resume)

I am grateful for the benefits that WCPA has provided to me across my career in both housing and student activities. I want to ensure that WCPA remains a valued and well-known resource for professionals in our state, and helps staff across all stages of their career grow and learn. It is time for me to provide service to the organization.

Strong experience and skill in group facilitation, goal setting and strategic planning. Excellent public speaking skills. Clifton Strengths: Ideation, Connectedness, Achiever, Empathy, Positivity — ability to see the potential, and imagine how others will hear an idea in order create strategies for advancing an idea.


Executive Board and Board of Directors Position Descriptions

Executive Board

President Elect
Past President 

Board of Directors

Technology Coordinator
Communications Coordinator 
Conference Co-Chairs
Membership Liaisons